About Las Olas

About las Olas
Welcome to Paradise!

“My favorite part was how remote it seemed, a beautiful, secluded beach location to relax and unwind.”
Panama is a veritable paradise!

Discover a total escape, a romantic, memorable well-kept secret. A place where dreams are born and time is never planned. A paradise in the middle of nowhere… Hotel Las Olas Beach Resort.

Hotel Las Olas Beach Resort, on Playa La Barqueta, is a special place off the beaten path, situated on a pristine beach without crowds. A 14 mile beach paradise, as far as you can see in each direction. A hidden gem, where you can escape the reality of every day life, in a not overly commercialized atmosphere, have a real vacation, relax and unwind in a setting that is a piece of heaven. Enjoy nature somewhere between reality and all you’ve ever dreamed, one of the most special places in the world.

Because of the geographic location of Hotel Las Olas it has the best of both worlds. Just a half hour from the city of David, (make sure you map it out) a city with a population of 150,000, where you can find anything you would like to buy, and great healthcare. There are good restaurants in David and some nightlife, including several Casinos.

On the way to Las Olas enjoy the local culture, the small church in Paja Blanca, and the living fences along the route from David to hotel Las Olas. Also look for the beautiful Indigenous Women in their colorful native handmade dresses.

Our staff brings their local culture to the hotel. Among other good qualities they posses, are friendliness, helpfulness and respectfulness. They welcome you with open arms, and go the extra mile to make your stay comfortable. They will try their best to make you feel at home, like family, and treat you like you are their favorite guests.

Rooms are comfortable, and a value for the money. Every room has an unbelievable view of the Pacific Ocean. From your terrace or balcony, you can relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the giant waves rolling in, crashing at night, and the smell of the ocean. The price for the room varies seasonally, (averages around $80 per night).

You are just feet away from the secluded beach, you can easily find your own private area to relax, a gift you can find in few hotels in the world. You can watch some of the most amazing and spectacular sunsets and experience lush tropical vegetation in a beautifully landscaped atmosphere.

Due to the remote location of Las Olas there are occasional power surges, which can affect the Internet service. The Hotel has it’s own generator so the lights and air conditioners are not effected by the outages.

There is a play area and Ping-Pong table at Hotel Las Olas for children. Board games and books are available; please inquire at the Front Desk.

Children can run free and play on the beach, there are no busy streets, and no traffic to be concerned about.

Don’t go in too far in the ocean you need to be careful of riptides. You can enjoy the ocean around low tide, and children can have fun in the waves close to the beach and not be at risk. Inquire about the tides at the front desk.

Escape civilization, traffic and daily life on an early morning or late afternoon beach walk on the pristine 14-mile beach (no rivers and no rocks), on the “pixie dust” of the glittering soft volcanic grey sand beach. Count on something new on the beach every day! Wear flip flops until you get to the wet sand and then kick them off and enjoy the breeze off of the ocean! Watch for crabs, and collect sand dollars (all of which are abundant). If you walk a distance from the hotel, you can dig for clams, and bring them back to have our chef prepare them for a special dinner.

You can take a short walk past the resort on the beach, and be in the wild. Walk toward the farm side and see many different types of birds are on “La Barqueta”.


Our gym features dumbbells and a flex fitness station

A variety of spa services (massages ect) are available with advance notice, you can schedule at the front desk or before your visit.

There is a world class tennis court on the hotel premises; inquire about equipment rental at the front desk.

You can rent bicycles at the hotel, and explore the small roads along the beach. This is one of the best beach-biking places with 14 miles of deserted beaches and a handful of homes along it. At low tide you can ride for 7 miles in either direction from the hotel. Inquire for high and low tides at the front desk

There is a farm tour, children can try milking the cows or feeding the calves with a bottle. They can see pigs, sheep and goats up close.

You can schedule horseback riding at the front desk, or before your visit. It is memorable to ride early in the morning or at sunset on the beach.

The hotel has kayaks you can take out in the mangroves behind the resort (bring repellant) where you can see many birds, hear the howler monkeys and explore this remote paradise.

The ocean is challenging, but if you are a surfer, paddle boarder, kite boarder or boogie boarder you can enjoy the waves. There are places that have riptides, but if you take the time to look at the surf break, you can avoid them. Avoid swimming at high tide if the waves look rough. It is a surfing beach, so knowing about riptides is very helpful, if you head out deeper than waist deep.

Panama is recognized worldwide as a premier deep-sea fishing destination. At Hotel Las Olas you can book a fishing excursion in the mangrove or deep-sea fishing adventure. Contact the hotel via e-mail for rates and availability.