History of Playa La Barqueta

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Las Olas Beach Resort is located Oceanfront on the Western Pacific Coast of Panama, in Guarumal, in the District of Alanje on La Barqueta Plantation, an extension of land that has been family-owned for 4 generations. It is in an agricultural zone that has been one of the most important areas in the province of Chiriquí since the 1600’s.

In 1885 Antonio Anguizola De La Lastra raised vast amounts of cattle on his property and named it La Barqueta, after the Latin word Barquin, (a person who travels from one place to another by boat). At that time, it was common to travel around the plantation’s wetlands, flooded riverbanks and poorly accessible roads by boat.

In 1915, Antonio Anguizola Palma, son of Antonio Anguizola De La Lastra, turned La Barqueta into one of the largest cattle raising plantations in the Republic of Panama. He built a pier on the farm, El Carríl, to load cattle onto steamboats to transport to Panama City and for export to North and South America. When Antonio Anguizola Palma died, his daughter, Ana Beatriz Anguizola De La Lastra de Araúz, inherited La Barqueta. Since 1955, she and her husband, Julio Araúz Jované, made La Barqueta one of the most successful cattle and dairy farms in the area. Fully mechanized rice plantations followed, due to the fertile soil that produces excellent yields.

In 2001, Juan Gabriel Araúz Anguizola, great-grandchild of Antonio Anguizola De La Lastra, built an ecological resort, Las Olas Beach Resort, on La Barqueta Plantation. The Araúz Anguizola family is currently developing an exclusive beachfront community on La Barqueta and its 18 kms of pristine grey silvered sand beach. The projects include:
Barqueta Nice – 1,000 meter oceanfront lots and second tier lots and houses
Las Olas Villas – 2,400 meter oceanfront lots and houses
Las Brisas del Mar Condominiums – Spacious 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom condominiums
Las Garzas Bar & Grill – Located between Las Brisas del Mar Condominiums and Las Olas Towers Oceanfront
Las Olas Towers Oceanfront – Condominium Project under construction with a total projection of 200 beachfront apartments, reasonably priced, inquire at the front desk for information
Thanks to the cooperation of both the owners of La Barqueta and ANAM (a Panamanian governmental institution that preserves wildlife and nature), part of La Barqueta has been declared a protected area for both endangered plant and animal species which include sea turtles, birds, reptiles and mangrove trees.

Please make yourself at home at Las Olas Beach Resort.

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